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[I Thought] You Like[d] Me! [I Thought] You Really Like[d] Me!

The NBC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth reported this morning that Donald Trump blew up Jerry Jones’s mobile phone over the anthem controversy like John Favreau’s pathetically debased Mike in Swingers. And just like Nikki at the other end of the line, Jerry Jones realized he was dealing with a real fucking weirdo and tacitly asked him to never call again.

My initial reaction was glee that Trump was being rejected by yet another one of the kind of people he’s spent his entire life desperately seeking the approval of—celebrities, moguls, socialites, young nubile models, etc. Then I realized it’s even worse than that.

Trump is just self-unaware enough to have mistaken his piteous lust for approval for approval itself. He always thought he was part of the club, simply by virtue of having been born into it. He thought he was one of them and, perhaps more importantly, that they were one of him. He had no idea that all his vulgar grasping was something that was merely tolerated because that’s just what you do in those circles to avoid collapsing a wealth- and privilege-based house of cards that is stacked to the brim with idiots, sociopaths, hucksters, megalomaniacs, narcissists and all other manner of monsters whose mommies and/or daddies didn’t love them enough.

He lacked the imagination to see that being President of the United States would put him outside that endless circle jerk—that his actions as POTUS could threaten the material interests of the participants in the eternal, whites-only bukkake party, fundamentally changing their orientation toward him. Now he’s on the outside, unstimulated by the warm embrace of their validation, spewing his meager but toxic loads of mindless drivel into the void, wondering why no one will acknowledge him when he creepily whispers in their ear or taps them on the back.

The only thing saving Trump from a complete mental breakdown may well be that he is too intellectually and emotionally dotarded to understand that he is not merely being rejected for his current actions, but that he was never truly accepted in the first place. He is and always has been a complete zero to people he thought were his peers.

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